The gardeners.

Dear friends,

Spring break has been gorgeous — almost beyond description. I couldn’t have picked a better week to be off and I’m a little sad today is my final weekday of vacation.

I might have gotten ahead of Mother Nature because I not only moved many of my plants outside to the deck, I also bought a flat of herbs and three hanging baskets of flowers on impulse while shopping at K-Mart yesterday.

Photo by Instagram, Lomo-fi filter

There’s practically nothing that moves my happiness meter up more than potted flowers. Buying flowers before April 1 is dangerous in our neck of the woods, but I couldn’t resist. I figured if we get a hard freeze in the forecast, I can always move the three baskets indoors for a night or two. The herbs — they’re on their own.

Last year, we didn’t get our new household established until Memorial Day. There was so much to do at that point I had no energy left for potting flowers. Typically, I fill a dozen or more pots with all varieties, so I’m itching to get started on filling my expansive back deck with all my favorite kinds.

Folks who see my many pots of flowers often ask why I prefer a potted garden. “Isn’t a lot of work?” is a frequent question. I always say no because 1) Mr. Mom is kind enough to help me pot them, 2) There are no weeds to pull, and 3) Parker is and always has been my water boy. So, I literally have no upkeep. I’m kind of like the fancy rich lady who has a staff of gardeners, except I’m not rich. Or fancy.

With gratitude {for the unpaid gardeners who indulge my passion},

Joan, whose favorite flower is the peony, which she will definitely plant in her yard just as soon as her nearby nursery opens and the weatherman gives her the thumbs up



  1. Such a beautiful photo!

  2. I have two huge lilacs in full tilt boogie. The whole backyard smells like the church ladies on Sunday. Enjoy your last day in Shangri-la.

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