Simple pleasure.

Dear friends,

I have a new love.

And its name is milk.

Organic. Hormone free. Local.

I never knew milk could be this good. Parker did, s0 he spoke up and urged us to give it a try. (I have learned so many new things from that boy since he joined FFA. I heart FFA. And I heart the sight of my tall boy in his cordurory blue FFA jacket.)

Normally, I’m not a big milk fan. So when Parker told all of us that this is the best milk he’d ever tasted, I was skeptical. I mean, it’s not Chardonnay. What’s there to be “best” about it? Milk is milk, right?

Not even close.

This milk has a texture and a taste I’ve never experienced. It reminds me of a great wine that is considered to have a fine palate — its sweetness lingers in your mouth after you swallow and makes you want to take another drink immediately. And it is absolutely the freshest-tasting milk I’ve ever drank.

Maybe it’s the nature of organic milk to be so good — I don’t know because I’ve never purchased it before. Maybe it’s the fact that the milk is locally produced and bottled, meaning it ends up in my glass while other milk is still being trucked across the US. Maybe it’s the “vat pasteurization” process, which the company website says is a slower method that preserves the natural flavor. I don’t know the reasons — I just know it’s good. Good like no milk I’ve ever tasted. Who knew such a simple pleasure could make me so happy?

The fact that the milk is packaged in vintage-looking glass bottles that are returnable (and don’t end up in landfills) is all the better.

I wish I could buy a bottle for all of you. Since I can’t, all I can say is you should search for a source for local milk in your area. And if you can find organic, hormone-free, and vat-pasteurized milk, you’ll be a happy camper. You can thank Parker later.

With gratitude (for my new town where local produce, local meat, local dairy, and local honey are abundant},

Joan, who didn’t return her milk bottle for the deposit because she thinks it will make an adorable vase for wildflowers