Going all DIY on myself.

Dear friends,

I’m tackling a big project this week while I’m home for spring break and it involves paint and elbow grease.

With the help of Mr. Mom and a professional painter, I’m finally going all DIY on my ugly bathroom cabinets.

If you read this post, you saw the before and after of my kitchen renovation. When we bought our current home almost a year ago, we loved everything about it except the golden oak cabinets and a few cheesy light fixtures. Before we ever moved in, I hired a professional to paint our kitchen.  But I blew my renovation budget on the kitchen and on marble counter tops for the bathrooms — and then I pretty much petered out for several months.

Like the kitchen before its rehab, all the bathrooms in our home had blue Formica counter tops and golden oak cabinets. What made the bathrooms even worse was unframed mirrors screwed to the walls and ugly and very cheap light fixtures and faucets. I replaced several of the counter tops (though not all — I’ll tell you more about that when everything is complete), bought new sinks and faucets and light fixtures, and hired a carpenter to frame in the mirrors. The last step is painting the cabinets and I’ll finally finish that up this week.

To save money, I hired the painter to professionally spray the doors and drawers. Mr. Mom and I will do all the prep work and paint the cabinet boxes, then we’ll replace all the hardware (just as soon as I find something I like).

To coordinate with the Carrara marble, I’m painting the cabinets black.  Think this:

Once I finish the bathrooms this week, my remaining projects on this home are pretty minimal. I’m still searching for a couple of light fixtures and I want to add some wallpaper to parts of the master suite, but I’m getting close.

So now I’m off to paint and to shop for cabinet hardware! Wish me a steady hand and the luck to find just the right handles.

With gratitude {for a live-in handyman who usually indulges my DIY dreams},

Joan, who is an excellent painter (having perfected her technique back when she had no money but lots of inspiration)