Belle of the ball.

Dear friends,

We’re headed out today — Kate and I and her best friend, S. We are going to St. Louis to shop for dresses, the fancy kind, because it’s Prom season.

Last year, when we were still living in Oklahoma, Kate and I drove across state lines to find this dress. It was worth the mileage.

I missed Prom night last year because I had already moved to our new place. A friend of ours took photos for me and Mr. Mom gave me the low-down, but it wasn’t the same as being there, of course. So this year, Kate’s senior year, I’ll be relishing every detail, including the best part — shopping for the dress.

With gratitude {for a girl who loves beautiful dresses as much as I  do and is always up for a shopping adventure},

Joan, whose favorite Prom dress was a pink floral Gunne Sax (remember those?) she wore in 1979, back before sparkly/shiny was the rage



  1. IrishJenn says:

    Have fun! Kate always chooses stunning dresses. I can’t wait to see this year’s beauty.

  2. texasdeb says:

    This shopping for the perfect prom dress bit is a mother/daughter rite of passage my daughter and I skipped. When it came time for Sr Prom my girl found herself a vintage gown, reworked the beading and then wore that to prom which she attended with a group of friends.

    That said, I’m glad you and cupKate have this on lock down. I look forward to seeing the big reveal.

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