When Irish eyes are smiling.

Dear friends,

It’s a whirlwind weekend around our place, now that we live in America’s (self-proclaimed) best city for St. Pat’s Day. The celebration started two days ago and won’t end until late tonight. There’s a parade that I’m told will last two hours, follies, live music, free beer and pizza, two black-tie dinners and who knows what else by the time it’s all over.

Friday night I got to wear my $65 dress to a rather fancy affair.  I forgot to tell you about my gold sequined wrap that I bought to go with it. Both were a hit.

I’ll try to snap a few photos to prove why our new town is legendary for the Best Ever St. Pat’s celebration. The streets will be painted green, as will many of the faces, and I’m told St. Pat himself will make an appearance. There’s also a Queen of Love and Beauty, though I’m sad to say she’s a 20-year-old coed and not me. Still, it’s going to be a great weekend.

With gratitude {for spring holidays that give young and old a reason to kick up their heels},

Joan, who wishes you a light heart, heavy pockets, and the luck of the Irish on this most wonderful spring day