An Easter gift. Or three.

Dear friends,

I received two gifts yesterday, which all things considered makes it a pretty cool day.

One arrived via US mail. Take a look:

You might have guessed I’m in love with cake stands. I didn’t have a cake sitting around yesterday, so I used my new stand for fruit.

Mr. Mom saw me unpacking it and asked “What’s that?”

“An Easter gift,” I replied.

“From who?” he asked, curious.

“From me. I’m good at buying gifts for me, you know.”

He knows. To my credit, all my friends and family know I’m good at gifts. And I always say if a girl is good at gifts, she ought to give herself one now and then.

(By the way, if you want an adorable cake stand of your own, you can get it here. It’s the 12th cake stand in my growing collection, added because I was charmed by the beehive cover. I’m thinking I’ll stop at 20. Or not.)

The second gift came from a neighbor. It looks like this:

The tree, which sits right next to our property line, clearly bloomed a few days ago, but I somehow just noticed it coming home last night. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the blooms and the carpet of petals strewn under the tree. I wanted to lie down under the tree and stay there all evening.

Instead, I came home for a glass of white wine that was chilling in the fridge and a couple of hours to blow on a new obsession, which I’ll tell you about on another day. Come to think of it, this new obsession is kind of a gift, too, so that makes three in one day. Bingo!

With gratitude {for spring days abloom with gifts from the universe},

Joan, who once went to a marriage enhancement class with Mr. Mom and received confirmation from professionals that she is, indeed, a great gift giver



  1. I love cake stands! Wouldn’t you like to do a post portraying your collection? I would love to see it.

  2. texasdeb says:

    I’ll second that notion – a photo of all the cake stand wondrousness at once would be awesome (and hey – if you don’t want to make a cake to sit on top of EVERY stand in the photo – that’s OK).

    PS – apparently I needed to log in yesterday to comment – something that had not been requested previously – but no worries – I’m back!

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