Winner, winner, fish dinner.

Dear friends,

I told you yesterday it’s fine fishing weather in my neck of the woods. Fortunately, we had another glorious spring day on Tuesday. While I was stuck in a poorly lit conference room leading a training session until after hours, my son was once again enjoying the benefits of living within walking distance of two well-stocked ponds.

Monday night, Parker came home empty handed. The fish just weren’t biting.

Tuesday night, Parker thought he was coming home with two fine specimens, but his plans were once again foiled.

Parker snapped this photo of our Golden Retriever, Ed, just as Ed snatched Parker’s first catch. Less than two seconds later, the fish disappeared down Ed’s gullet.

It must have been tasty, even when swallowed mostly whole, because Ed went after Parker’s second fish as he was reeling it in. Parker came home aggravated after losing both his fish and his favorite lure*, and Ed came home soaking wet, a bad sign on a fishing trip.

I’m trying to get past the fact that Ed consumed fish I would have gladly fried up as an after-dinner snack. A little cornmeal dusting, a cast iron skillet with a generous dollop of hot lard, and . . . man, Parker and I would have been one happy mother-son combo.

As it is, we’ll have to wait for another lucky fishin’ day.

With gratitude {for beautiful spring days, even when I’m denied their bounty},

Joan, who wants you to know that thanks to her friend Phoo-D, she learned how render lard and, yes, it’s totally worth it, not just for fried foods, but also for pie crust and biscuits

* Not to worry. Ed didn’t swallow the lure. It was lost after Ed jumped in the pond and snapped the fishing line in his desperate effort to steal Parker’s prize.


  1. IrishJenn says:

    Ed is a naughty, endlessly hungry, thieving, funny dog.

  2. Poor Parker! I bet that is the last time Ed gets to go fishing! One of our golden retrievers did swallow a fishing lure (with fish attached) when I was a kid. My dad said you could see the lure on the x-rays. The dog was fine but we kept him far away from fish after that!

  3. Quick procedural question: When a freshly caught fish IS successfully brought all the way home for cooking/eating, who cleans it? You or the fisher-folk? (if it was me slated to gut the fish I’d be secretly encouraging the dog to get his fair share first is all I am saying…).

  4. Deb, the fisher-folk ALWAYS clean. I don’t know how. I’m just the fry cook.


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