Signs of spring.

Dear friends,

It was a beautiful day in my world.

Sunny, 70 degrees, barely a breeze.

The daffodils in my front yard seemed to have bloomed overnight.

My cat, Sushi, was feeling more frisky than usual.

My boy and his buddy and our dogs walked to a nearby fishing hole after supper.

While the boys fished, Mr. Mom and I spent some time sitting on the deck, listening to birds chatter and watching two baby squirrels chase each other through the trees.

Every year I struggle with daylight savings time and my bottom was dragging at work today. But just as that “missing” hour knocks me down a notch, the signs of spring give me a little boost.

With gratitude {for Mother’s Nature’s pick-me-ups},

Joan, who really must remember next year to take a day of vacation on the Monday after the time change (oy!)



  1. That’s funny, Joan. I tell myself I’m going to do that every year (take the day off) and I never do. Maybe this fall!

  2. I am covering night shift (6:30 pm – 6:30am) for the month of March and for once DST worked to my advantage. Since I spend the majority of each shift staring at the clock it was like Christmas morning when 3:00 am magically appeared.

  3. I’m usually thrown off by the arbitrary leap forward, but this year for whatever reason my natural waking and slumber set points were already about an hour off of the rest of the world. Just for now I’m back in sync and will enjoy that however long it lasts (though I will sure miss that extra quiet hour in the AM I had before anybody else even thinks about getting up).

    And….I know you moved away from your own history+heartstring designated “Mayberry”, but the day you just described sure sounds Mayberryesque from here.

  4. As I look out at the white with the snow continuing to fall, I am imagining your deck. Have tea on it tomorrow some morning for me will you? It will be awhile for me.

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