Dear friends,

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We had a gullywasher yesterday. Mr. Mom noted last night the weather “rained out” his Sunday. Me? It made my day.

There was no guilt to be found in watching four movies in a row — You’ve Got Mail, Splendor in the Grass, Where the Boys Are, and Last of the Mohicans. I have seen all of them before, but couldn’t resist four diverse love stories on a rainy day. It seemed urgent. It seemed vital.

And three helpings of Pioneer Woman’s Baked French Toast spread throughout the day was just the anti-motivation I needed to stay put.

With gratitude {for a great satellite movie package, a comfy new sofa, and the best “breakfast” times 3 I can remember in a long time},

Joan, who thinks no greater cinematic beauty has ever been filmed than Deanie Loomis (Natalie Wood) in her white dress and hat at the end of Splendor in the Grass