Cheers to nineteen.

Dear friends,

We had a party last night. Best I can tell, it was a hit.

As was the cake.

I got a little nervous about running out of cake when kids kept showing up, but my four-layer beauty fed the hungry teenagers with one piece to spare. Whew!

The whole evening made my heart full. I couldn’t have been happier that so many friends showed up to help Kate celebrate. It’s been a tough year for her as she noted on a recent Facebook post: Eighteen was one heck of a year for me, but I made it through it. Cheers to nineteen and all that it brings me!

Our new little town has welcomed us at every turn over the past several months, and the kids have been especially kind and friendly. My debt of gratitude grows every day with each new gesture of friendship.

With gratitude {for strength of family, resilient kids, and the gift of new friends, which is one of the best reasons of all to celebrate},

Joan, who impressed a kitchen full of teenagers while making Pioneer Woman’s Baked French Toast (for Sunday breakfast) with her one-handed egg cracking technique


  1. Don Hill says:

    Henry said, ” that Cakes too beautiful to eat, but for you, I would make an exception , Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha “. D&H

  2. The cake (of course!) is gorgeous, but nothing tops the smile on a certain 19 year old’s face, as she celebrates the year that was and more importantly, the year still to unfold. Let your Mommy heart rest easily for a bit, ignore all thoughts of the changes headed your way, and simply enjoy each other’s company for a while!

  3. Henry — if you weren’t so far away, I would have delivered a piece to you!

  4. Juanita Clark says:

    Joan, I was at a reception recently where they served the tinnest slices of cake that I had ever seen. It was adequate though and almost better because one savored the thin bite. The cake was done by the bakery here in San Antonio that did Jenna Bush’s wedding cake. Anything I buy there is excellent.

  5. Loved your mocking of Mr.Mom’s twitter cluelessness. I’m guessing he’s a good sport. Unfortuneately for me The Agronomist follows me on twitter so I have to be responsible. I might have to try Pdubs cake. It looks amazing. pancakes in The morning? Now That is a party worth attending!

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