On this day.

Dear friends,

There’s no better way to sum up my week than this:

Source: Wisuella

There’s so many thoughts I want to share with you, so much fun I want to have with my friends, so much love I want to give to my family.

This week, I’m not keeping up. I never do, keep up that is, with all I aspire to. But this week — filled with late nights at work and birthday preparations and tending to people that need tending to — is kicking my butt.

If yours is like mine, don’t spend an extra minute here. Exit your browser and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and spend that minute or more focusing on a few of your heart’s fondest dreams — your thoughts, your walks, your books, your friends. Then open your eyes and pursue as many as you can.


And I’ll catch you back here another time.

With gratitude {for the blessings of a full life},

Joan, who can’t wait to wake up Thursday morning and whisper happy birthday to her beautiful CupKate



  1. Don Hill says:

    Wow !!! D&H

  2. Maridel says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter with the Crenshaw eyes.

  3. Of course you know she is beautiful. But I had to say it anyway. 19. What a wonderful age. I loved nineteen. I just didn’t realize it. To see the the world spread out before you like a buffet… a little scary but oh so exciting.

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