She did.

Dear friends,

Despite a slow start to my Saturday, where slow equals this . . .

. . . I managed to get off of the sofa and away from the television before noon.

I crossed three tasks off my to-do list, including ironing, taxes and menu planning. (Note to my pal Nancy who commented on yesterday’s post: I wish I was organized enough and, frankly, with-it enough to iron in the mornings. Alas, I still eat breakfast in my car and I don’t even commute anymore. So, like the procrastinator I am, I let the ironing pile up until I can’t ignore it anymore. Today, I starched and ironed about 20 garments, two dozen napkins and three tablecloths. It was two hours of drudgery, but the good news is I’m set for the next month of rushed mornings and Sunday Suppers.)

I spent the rest of the day tackling things not on my to-do list, like putting away my snowman collection and pulling out a few Easter decorations, grocery shopping, and reading the latest issue of House Beautiful (click here to head over to Domestic Dilettante and see my take on HB’s “go green” trend). I also got a head start on Sunday’s Supper by dressing my table, arranging flowers, and baking a cake.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Even if I didn’t stick to the list. And I would like to state for the record that I did not take a nap. It is terribly disappointing, I know, and I plan to make up for it on Sunday.

With gratitude {for a wonderfully quiet and wonderfully productive Saturday},

Joan, who’s looking forward to having all her birds back in the nest on Sunday