To do or not to do.

Dear friends,

Guess what I’m doing today?

I’m home alone. My family left early and won’t be home until very late (thanks to the wild lure of Monster Energy Supercross). I have an entire Saturday to myself.

My agenda? I made a list. I’m a list-maker from way back. (Did you know list-makers are eternal optimists?)

I made this list Friday morning when I was still under the influence of home-alone-Saturday anticipation. By Friday night, I had a glass of wine in my hand while watching 30 Rock and found this list hilariously ambitious. FAFSA when home alone? (That’s totally a weekday lunchtime task.) Ironing? (What’s one more week when I’ve put it off a month.) And that whole forms review thing? (That’s a work project that, upon further reflection, can best completed on Monday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.)

Because right now I’m really busy drinking coffee, surfing my favorite blogs, reading the NY Times, watching the Food Network, and planning tonight’s take-out supper — all at the same time. It’s super-important stuff that requires my full attention. I know you understand.

With gratitude {for the glorious, unbroken horizon of a day alone and an imprudent to-do list that’s already in the trash},

Joan, who cannot believe she is admitting that the series Sweet Home Alabama has pulled her in hook, line and sinker and could easily consume her entire weekend