More cake. Please forgive me.

Dear friends,

Photo by Instagram, Lomo-fi filter

I wanted to write something pretty for you last night. But I was busy baking something pretty instead.

I know . . . enough of the cake. You must be thinking how much desert can one family eat, for Pete’s sake?

Last night, though, I was baking a birthday cake for a friend.  You guys know I usually only bake on Sundays, and at a leisurely pace. Pulling off a Triple Lemon Layer Cake (with homemade lemon curd filling) was a stretch for a weeknight. I was still at it long after I wanted to go to bed, futzing with that annoying fracture you can see in the bottom right corner of the photo.  My top layer split in half and that lemon curd is some slippery stuff. Had it not been for take-out pizza and a glass of wine, I may have had a Tuesday night baking breakdown.

I trust you’ll forgive me — for my writing lapse and for boring you with yet another cake story. On behalf of my friend who really deserves a killer birthday cake, I appreciate your understanding.

With gratitude {for buttercream frosting that hides a multitude of cake sins by the rushed baker},

Joan, who figures eating Margherita pizza and lemon curd for supper counts as both a vegetable and a fruit



  1. Don’t forget the glass of wine – doesn’t that count as a vegetable as well?

    If anybody here is going to get cranky about you baking a birthday cake (and not just any ol’ birthday cake neither!) for a friend, it won’t be me. Your generosity in support of your family, friends, and extended community was one of the traits that pulled me right in to your blogiverse in the first place!

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