The heart of the matter.

Dear friends,

Photo by Instagram, X-Pro II filter

What you are seeing is my Valentine’s surprise from Mr. Mom.  He has spent all fall and winter improving things on our acreage, including cutting up and hauling off dead trees and brush. My gift was cut from a cedar stump, so it’s fragrant and appropriately tinted.

It makes me smile. The thought of Mr. Mom carving it up with his chain saw in the middle of his work day while thinking of me makes me smile. And makes my heart flutter. I plan to give it a prominent place of honor on our deck.

Long ago, Mr. Mom carved an Indian head out of a piece of Bois D’arc wood. (Bois D’arc is treasured by woodworkers because it’s extremely hard, beautifully burled, and doesn’t rot.) We called Mr. Mom’s creation Bois D’arc Man and I considered it a lucky totem. We took it with us on one of our many camping trips to our mountain in Colorado and left Bois D’arc Man high on a tree limb to watch over things for us. (I haven’t talked about our mountain on this new blog. It’s a long and winding story, one that started inspirational, turned bittersweet, and we’re not sure how it will end. Maybe I’ll get around to writing about it here.)

Anyway, I missed Bois D’arc Man, especially since we have an acreage to watch over here now. So Mr. Mom gave me his heart instead.

Which is all I ever wanted.

With gratitude {for my sweet Valentine},

Joan, who appreciates her Valentine even more because he spent 16 hours on Friday driving Kate 600 miles round-trip for her fifth college visit