Following instructions.

Dear friends,

Look what I found:

Source: Etsy

For my dear friend who pointed out I have minions in the kitchen, I would suggest to her I’m just following the sign’s instructions.

Take, for example, our Sunday Supper. It was a Valentine’s Day extravaganza, and you can read about it here.  It took Mr. Mom’s help to do all the prep work (read: there was a mandolin and a drill involved), and the kids did all the clean up.

I just made it look easy.

Which is really why it’s so much fun to follow instructions, wouldn’t you say?

With everlasting gratitude {for those minions again},

Joan, who has an adequate collection of vintage aprons but is thinking she needs one of these, say in pink toile



  1. I can see where the mandolin was a key component, but the drill? Come on, ‘fess up, tell us what the drilling was all about, hmmm? Pretty please? Don’t make me guess!

    Gorgeous table – a real show stopper. This makes me both happy (and a little sad) that I at least managed to fish out a very special thrift store plate (which always makes me think of you, actually) to show off a procured dessert to advantage Tuesday night.

    Finally – think I’d opt for the chef’s beanie version rather than the toque. If they don’t come in pink you could always embellish.

  2. Deb, the drill was for the fresh coconut on the cake. You drill a hole in it to drain the coconut water (which you use in the cake batter) before you open the hard shell to remove the flesh. If you’ve ever used fresh coconut in a recipe, you will never go back to the faux-coconut that is preserved and sweetened and packaged on baking aisles. Who knew that fresh coconut is actually chewy and nutty rather than sweet and flaky? It’s an amazing thing in its natural state.

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