Cupid’s little gift.

Dear friends,

We’re spending our Valentine’s Day in a winter wonderland.

Well, let me be more specific — the kids are snowed in and today is their second day in a row with no school. They couldn’t be happier with Cupid’s little gift.

(For the record, I’m not snowed in because managers never get snowed in, especially when they live 10 minutes from their offices.)

The snowflakes arrived sometime after we went to sleep Sunday night and have been accumulating ever since. We were awakened Monday morning at 5:50 am by Mr. Mom’s cell phone (alerting us to our school closing). Normally, such a sign would be all I needed to stay in bed and avoid my morning run. But I knew the conditions were only going to get worse in the coming week, so I bundled up and hit the road.

If you’ve never gone for a walk or a run in the dark while snow is falling, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. If ever our world is perfect, and perfectly still, it is just before dawn in a snowstorm.

I’m used to running in the dark in all seasons. Our neighborhood is typically awake and moving (including a fair bit of traffic) at 6:00 am. But Monday morning, not a soul was stirring except for me and my dogs Frito and Ed, who weren’t about to let me leave the yard without them.

And boy did we have fun making tracks in the pristine snow! We covered three miles in 34 minutes (snow always slows me down some — it’s a little like running in sand) and when we got home, the sun was just coming up. I decided to grab my phone and try to take a photo of me and my snow-running companions to remember the beauty of this particular morning, but my dogs were having none of it. As soon as I knelt down, they took it as a sign we should play and began romping all over me.

Take one, and Frito is no where in sight. (By the way, don’t laugh at my “school guard” reflector harness. I told you I run in the dark and there’s usually enough traffic that I really need the cars to notice me. Before I bought the harness, I was forced to jump in my fair share of ditches because of clueless and/or sleepy drivers.)

Take two, and Ed wants me to scratch his belly while Frito runs around behind me.

Take three, and Ed barks at Frito, who has decided to chase a squirrel.

Take four, and Frito finally shows up, but I manage to photograph my house instead of me.

There is no take five, because at this point, Ed has knocked me on my back and Frito has decided to lick my face. Then we all decided to roll in the snow until my butt started freezing (my NorthFace running pants are warm, but not THAT warm) and I called an end to our impromptu but highly exhilarating play date.

With gratitude {for beautiful, amazing, magical snow days, whether I get to stay home or not},

Joan, who has been bah-humbugging her way through a Midwestern winter devoid of snow until she finally got her wish this week and wishes to thank Mother Nature for listening



  1. Happy Valentines Day. D&H

  2. I love this post! You’ve started my day with a smile.
    Give your running companions belly rubs from me!

  3. You’ve been dreaming of a white Valentine’s Day? So glad your dream came true! And you get a star on your chart for the snow run. Way to stick with it. Happiest day with all 3 of your special Valentine sweeties.


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