Same song, second verse.

Dear Friends,

I’m still on sick bed duty. The bug that hit Parker is a nasty one and I spent all day Sunday pretending to be Florence Nightingale.

After he sat up in bed Sunday morning and ate, I figured we were home free. Not so much. There appears to be a serious flu bug married to the stomach bug so he’s still down for the count.

And with all that mothering and nursing to be done, who has time to do anything else? I’m pretty sure you’ll understand.

Soucre: Pinterest

With gratitude {for teenagers who still need their moms},

Joan, who took a short break to watch to the Superbowl Halftime Show and thought Madge showed them how it’s done


  1. Awww – that sounds pretty rough. Hope the rest of the family escapes contagion and that Parker is feeling up to snuff again pronto!

  2. A glimpse into the child from years past is what sickness brings to us. And as for madge, I’m so thankful that she makes me feel like I’m still young.

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