Road trip to recovery.

Dear friends,

I arrived home Saturday evening from my road trip to find a very sick child in my home.

At 6’6″, my 16-year-old with size-14 feet hardly looks a child. But I’m one of those mothers who never managed to graduate with my I’ve-got-this-illness-covered diploma. Whenever my children are ailing, I tend to feel like a young mom dealing with her first fever. I panic a little, I worry endlessly, I Google every single symptom, I peek in their rooms every 10 minutes.

Parker got hit with a stomach flu so violent that he burst blood vessels in his eyes. He spent 36 hours prone with a bucket beside his bed. I arrived home after the retching stopped, but 12 hours before I saw his thumbs up via Twitter:


Spent all day doing one of my favorite things ever — not dying.

Fortunately by this morning, he was sitting up in bed declaring he was starving. Mr. Mom and I were about to start a pot of Superbowl chili (for Frito Chili Pies, yum!), so I grabbed a can of chicken soup, made a grilled cheese, and became the hero mother with an off-the-shelf meal delivered to his bed.

Photo by Instagram, Hefe filter

He even said thank you AND I really appreciate it.

And that’s all a mother needs to sustain her for a million years.

With gratitude {for quick recoveries and husbands who empty the puke bucket},

Joan, who is pretty sure when children finally stop vomiting wherever they happen to be and can hit a toilet or a bucket that a bell rings and, somewhere, an angel gets his wings



  1. Poor kid! I’m glad he’s over the worst of it. It’s an ugly bug going around. I hope you and Mr. Mom escape it.

  2. In years to come, no matter how demented I may become, I will never forget the morning that started with a cranky child standing at the top of a full flight of carpeted stairs. She bleakly announced her “stomach hurts!” and then proceeded to redistribute the contents of said stomach. projectile style, all the way down the stairs.

    I am pretty sure once I got that child comfortably situated and after I cleaned up the entire stairway? An entire angelic choir earned wings, haloes and harps in one fell swoop.

    PS: Yay for teens who remember to thank their Mommies! Those moments are the best.

  3. A couple of years ago I too encountered a cranky child one Sunday morning and proceeded to deliver her to the ice rink for a hockey game. She made it into the second period before I wondered aloud from my perch at the scorers table “what is my daughter doing?” as she dropped to her knees in front of our goal-tender. As the hockey puck passed through her arms and legs I noticed IT….my daughter doing her best Linda Blair imitation to the delight of every boy on the ice. She is something of a legend around these parts.

  4. is there anything better than feeling needed by your child? i don’t want my kids to get sick, ever, but gotta admit i love staying home with my five year old. it helps that sickness takes the edge off a kid…

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