Thirty days.

Dear Friends,

I was browsing Pinterest on Sunday.  (Is it my imagination, or has the internet gotten a whole lot easier and more fun to surf with Pinterest?).  And I tripped across this image, pinned by my cousin.

Source: Inchmark

Somebody suggested capturing happy memories throughout the year on pieces of paper saved in a jar. Then, on New Year’s Eve, pull out the memories and savor them, one-by-one.

“What a great idea!” I thought, before realizing that’s what I’m doing here.

This is my 30th post. The month has flown by and, so far, I’m delighted with my little gratitude project. My readership is small but devoted, though readers aren’t why I started Debt of Gratitude. I launched this blog because I wanted to deepen and enrich my appreciation for life’s small blessings and, on that count, I can say without hesitation it has worked.

It sounds too simple to be true, but it is: the discipline and routine of journaling every single day make a difference in my attitude that is distinct and profound. As I have reflected more and more on what I have to be thankful for, petty annoyances and frustrations have receded from my attention.

Every day, I find myself thinking “What will I write about tonight?” And after writing every night, I find myself thinking I’m the luckiest girl on the planet. My plan has worked like a charm, with growing contentment and balance as side benefits.

With gratitude {for each and every one of you — friend, family member or visitor — who have shared my first 30 days with me and who keep me motivated to blog on},

Joan, who wishes she could turn gratitude-discipline into fitness-discipline but needs a whole lot more than 30 days to achieve self-mastery

In contrast to my leisurely Saturday, I had a very productive Sunday. Head over to Domestic Dilettante for the evidence.


  1. Time sure flies when somebody else is doing the yeoman’s work. 30 days. That deserves to be celebrated. I know what I would do…..

    I keep a calendar page on the refrigerator every month. On it I write what we had for dinner every night. That keeps me safe from the misconception I am cooking the same 4 things over and over (and over). Starting last summer I began putting a shiny foil star sticker on the calendar any day I feel anybody in our house has anything to honor or celebrate. I keep the bar reasonably low, this is about paying better attention to the positives in the mix, working on the theory the negatives get plenty of attention all on their own.

    When I look back on a reasonable variety of meals written on a page peppered with stars, I am relieved of the dreary fantasy that our family is all about The Rut, or simply stumbling from one problem to the next. Sure, there are still days when we seem destined to embody the “func” in dysfunction, but overall I see the evidence right in front of my face. We have our starry good days too, and plenty of them.

  2. I got a fancy shmancy new phone and can finally catch up with you again. Loving the new blog and the same sweet you.

  3. The author. says:

    Deb — this reminds of my teenage diary. It was a free Hallmark pocket calendar and the block for each day on monthly calendar was no bigger than a postage stamp. But within that tiny block, I recorded so much in tiny, tiny printing. I used this method of recording my life for about four or five years; alas, only one survives to this day. But I treasure it. And I’m betting your family will treasure yours too!
    Mandy — so glad to have you back! Hope all is well with you and your girls.

  4. maridel allinder says:

    You have warmed the cold comfort of that old curmudgeon, January.

  5. Your blog and your attitude are certainly inspiring. I always benefit from focusing on gratitude and appreciate your focus on it. It helps me remember to do it too!

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