A bazillion times yes!

Dear Friends,

You know what I love about January? More than snow days, more than after-Christmas sales, more than new year’s resolutions (as fun as some of them are)? Even more than cute spring dresses purchased on sale?

January is when Idol starts!!!!

I’m one of those crazy, obsessed, won’t-miss-a-minute, burst-into-tears-at-great-performances, vote-27-times-in-a-row Idol fanatics. It’s not exactly a flattering position for an uncool, middle-aged woman to be in, but I’m there and I can’t help myself.

I. Can’t. Help myself. (Imagine me saying that in my best Frank Nivasky/Greg Kinnear voice from “You’ve Got Mail.” Kinnear nails that line with restrained intensity and you just know he’s about to suck Sydney Ann’s face off. I understand, Frank. I feel the same way about Steven Tyler.)

I was late to the Idol game. I didn’t start watching until Season 8, but I’ve made up for it with gusto. Idol nights are events at our house. Mr. Mom claims not to like the show but he pays more attention than he lets on. Meanwhile, Kate and Parker and I settle in for the season, laughing our butts off at the collossal failures and cheering on the amazing wins. I mean, what other form of televised entertainment allows you to pee your pants and cry your eyes out in the same evening — in the name of democracy no less?

And can I get an AMEN for Steven Tyler who, let’s face it, made the show. I am the Steven Tyler uber-fan in my household and I pepper every show with a running commentary on his ridiculous rock-awesomeness. Actually, since last season, I don’t even watch for the contestants anymore. I watch to get my Steven Tyler fix. Mmmmmmmm. Steven Tyler. (Imagine me saying that in my best Homer Simpson voice.)

I’d like to stick around and enumerate every reason I love Steven Tyler (including in an elevator), but I’m writing this on Thursday night and Idol is about to start and I have a Rock God to salivate over.

With gratitude {for must-see television and rock idols that inspire old women to act like teenage girls},

Joan, who spent an entire fall fashion season in 2000 trying to dress just like Penny Lane (Kate Hudson from “Almost Famous”) because every woman on the verge of 40 needs to get her groupie on


  1. While I have resisted Idol Kool-Aid so far I say that with no judgie-wudgieness because I am equally obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. Each season the talent gets better and more diverse, and when anybody nails it -favorite or dark horse – I feel honored to have watched. I don’t vote though. That feels like a step too far for some reason I have difficulty pin pointing. I think I feel more on a chaperone than party-goer level??? Whatevs.

    Rock on, Joan Marie!

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