It’s really going to be a shame to go home.

Dear Friends,

I’m still in the land of sunshine, absorbing a ton of Vitamin D and consuming all the seafood I can get my hands on. Witness:

My father taught me to love oysters on the half shell. And crab. And shrimp. And lobster. And all their fishy friends. I’ve already told you my mother was a beans and cornbread kind of gal, so I guess I have my father to thank for expanding my culinary horizons. Since I arrived in Florida two days ago, I’ve eaten shrimp (twice) and oysters and crab and scallops and ahi tuna. Clearly, I know how to seafood-load when pressed for time.

By the way, it was 72 and sunny in Naples on Sunday. 72 + sunny +  January = heaven. I feel like a complete moron that it took me this many years to figure out why people flock here. It’s the sunshine, people!

And what is it about the sunshine in Florida that’s so different, so sunshiney, compared to Missouri? They do not have sunshine like this in the Show Me State, which they should, you know, because we’re all so-show-me. I’m going home and calling whoever is in charge of sunshine and insisting they get up to speed. It’s the least they can do considering it’s 32 degrees back home instead of 72, like Florida.

Anyway, I’ve got to run. Literally. You can’t waste a day of sunshine sitting at your laptop in your hotel room.

With gratitude {for my final few hours consuming tasty sea creatures prepared every conceivable way and my father who introduced me to them all},

Joan, who has noticed they don’t seem big on sunscreen ’round these parts


  1. Enjoy the rest of your hours in SummerLand. Soak up and hopefully save some of that inner warmth for a return to more wintry weather, though I have a feeling the reception you’ll get from hearts waiting to welcome you home will offset any temperature shifts quite well.

    Was the conference as nice as the site?

  2. my god that looks amazing. i love everything about oysters except that you have to order them in multiples of six. it always seems unseemly to order 28, the quantity i actually want.

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