Did I really say daily?

Dear Friends,

Here’s the thing:

I started this blog on a whim. And 10 days ago when I published my first post in a fit of New Year’s euphoria, it never really occurred to me that the “daily” part of “daily meditations from a mindful mother” might be, shall we say, a tad bit ambitious. A wee bit challenging. A bleeping moronic idea.

Heck, I was chugging along nicely for more than a week.

<Insert screeching tire sound effect here>

But yesterday evening as I sat down to compose something of value to say to you, I realized my creative cupboard was bare. “I got nothing” was all I could summon.

(Random left turn: How DO professional writers with daily deadlines ever meet them? Oh, yeah, they’re pros and I’m not.)

It was a sad state of affairs until I tripped across this anonymous quote on the internet:

Yep, the daily part sure is hard.

And it sure is how you change your life, whether it’s the way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you parent, the way you love, or the way you intend to cultivate gratitude for a blessed life.

So here’s to accountability . . . from all corners of the universe!

With gratitude {for people, anonymous or well-known, who leave the world stocked with good words},

Joan, who aspires to inspire but underestimated the magnitude of the task

PS: Remember those hills I was struggling with? (Well, more like ignoring since I had taken a long holiday break from running.) Well, I ran them today and I felt pretty darn good. Sometimes a daily nudge is all we need.